The advantage of the telescopic tribunes is to have a real tribune, that, by means of the telescopic principle, may be vertically stored when not used, occupying the minimum space and allowing a multifunctional use of the hall. 

In general, the telescopic platforms can have two standard positions: fully closed, for storage (just leaning against a wall or hidden under a balcony or even throw in a warehouse) or completely opened.



The company MASON has a technical department offering the configuration the most suitable for every customer's needs and every hall of any size. Moreover, through the use of special trolleys for lifting and moving, and the supply of additional railings, it is possible predispose the tribunes for different configurations within the room.




The tribune is composed of a series of platforms mounted on trolleys to allow the storage when the structure is not used so to allow the exploitation of the hall for other activities. 




The supporting frame is made of tubular profiles with a rectangular section and open sections, studied with suitable shapes to contain the sliding systems. According to the project needs, the steel used for the construction is certified and may be of type S235, S275, and S355. The supporting structure of step, the mobile element of the system, is composed of two trolleys, which support a horizontal beam. This is fixed to the frame that bear the decking floor, as a shelf. The frame consists of a series of metallic tubular louvers, in which is positioned a specially designed device to reduce friction between metal parts during the opening phase and to reduce the transmission of noise due to trampling.


 The sliding wheels are selected by dividing the surface resistance of the pavement on which lies the tribune, with the maximum load of each wheel, in order to have always the suitable sliding system, minimizing the pressure exerted on the floor. The wheels may be with or without bearing, coated in soft or hard rubber and with diameters ranging from 100 to 150 mm, in relation to the size of the tribune and as a function of the puncture resistance provided by the pavement. The sliding between the elements of telescopic trolley is secured by ball bearings mounted in suitable horizontal guides so to have no friction during handling and ensure an opening aligned with the various modules. For the flooring the most delicate, it is possible to provide load distribution devices, integrated on each telescopic module, to ensure a better distribution of the loads spread by the wheels on the floor, further reducing the contact pressure.


Some specific latches, that automatically lock together the trolleys of tribune, are placed at the base of each step so to prevent the accidental closure of the steps during the utilization phase. At the same time, through a levers system, the tribune is also blocked in correspondence of the upper shelves.

When the platform is in open position, another manual lock/unlock, as further safety guarantee, is located into the first step, inaccessible to public


Just like the fixed tribune, the telescopic ones can have 3 kind of decking floor:

-  1 -  Chipboard fireproof panels (fire resistance class 1) with a thickness from 18 to 28 mm suitable for the public building furniture. The panels are cut and shaped according to the metallic supports and the shape of the platform. Tapping assembles them and they are fixed to the metallic structure with self-tapping screws.

 - 2 -  LINDNER ® calcium sulphate plates form the floor and the risers of the tribune, (compound of gypsum, refined cellulose fibres and water). The edges of the plates are processed with a milling cutter to allow a perfect coupling. Then, they are glued each other allowing a perfect layout and a flatness of the plates. The adhesive joins the plates guaranteeing waterproofness. The plates are secured on a rubber seal that separates them from the metallic structure to improve the acoustics. The plates of calcium sulphate are fireproof (class 0) and their weight varies between 38 kg/m2 and 83 kg/m2 according to the thickness. Moreover, thanks to their density and robustness prevent any rumbling.


- 3 -  Plywood panel CARPLY constructed only by birch wood with external gluing, with surfaces covered by phenol film (corrugated/smooth) and protected borders.  



The tops of the stands can also be finished with coatings of various types and thickness and chosen from the range of the producers of the best brands:



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