TECNOFRAME is a system of light metallic structures lying on a surface. It is a floor composed by a series of adjustable feet so as to form a flight of steps or a footboard. Everything is covered with special wooden panel fireproof chipboard, or in calcium sulphate (fireproof) and a series of finishes and accessories to complete.








TECNOFRAME can be designed and adapted to any type of environment of old or new built, on flat floors or on sloped ones, and even on steps already existent. It can also be designed and manufactured individually and after the projecting and architectural intervention of building. The installation of the system can be made on unfinished or finished floors, without the need to fixing on the floor and wall. The extensive modularity and flexibility of the "TECNOFRAME" system allows creating tribunes with steps of any size and of different geometric shapes. An important advantage of the system is the lightness of metal structures (30Kg/m2) combined with a high load capacity over 500 kg/m2. The modular structure allows large size tribunes also in upper floors or where the installation is lack of proper working space.




Composed of tubular trusses S235 tailored, drilled and prepared for a perfect mounting with screws and nuts. Some accommodation for adjustable feet and plates for mounting of components or furnishings are provided and arranged in pre-welded modules of the structure. The adjustable feet allow a perfect levelling of the structure as well as a sound insulation between structure and building. Indeed, they are composed of a rubber base joined to the metallic element through a sphere that will allow the base to adhere perfectly to the irregularities of the laying surface. The metal frames are galvanized cold (electronic galvanizing) or epoxy powder coating baked in the oven, after a thorough cleaning and degreasing treatment. 

The decking floor panels are not based directly on the metal frame but on a rubber joint that avoids all the creaks and improves the acoustics.

Profile Mousse Aerstop® N12 


The TECNOFRAME system can have 3 kind

 - 1 -  Chipboard fireproof panels (fire resistance class 1) with a thickness from 18 to 28 mm suitable for the public building furniture. The panels are cut and shaped according to the metallic supports and the shape of the platform. Tapping assembles them and they are fixed to the metallic structure with self-tapping screws.



 - 2 - LINDNER ® calcium sulphate plates form the floor and the risers of the tribune, (compound of gypsum, refined cellulose fibres and water). The edges of the plates are processed with a milling cutter to allow a perfect coupling. Then, they are glued each other allowing a perfect layout and a flatness of the plates. The adhesive joins the plates guaranteeing waterproofness. The plates are secured on a rubber seal that separates them from the metallic structure to improve the acoustics. The plates of calcium sulphate are fireproof (class 0) and their weight varies between 38 kg/m2 and 83 kg/m2 according to the thickness. Moreover, thanks to their density and robustness prevent any rumbling.

- 3 -  Pannelli di compensato di betulla CARPLY, con superfici rivestite con una speciale resina termoindurente fenolica resistente al fuoco. I bordi sono protetti da vernice non igroscopica, atta ad impedire l’assorbimento dell’acqua nella zona critica.   



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