The MASON, on the market for over ten years, is a young and dynamic company, available to solve the customer's requirements to find together the best technical and economic solution.The company founded as an individual company, turns in early 2013 Ltd, thanks to the strong experience in production of fixed, telescopic and sporting tribunes and other metal structures in general.

We employ a technical office design and a spacious and organized workshop, to perform various types of processing and managing the use of different materials. The technical office, in addition to calculating and sizing structures, stairs, shelters, platforms etc, produces assembly drawings, design details and construction for the workshop and the installers and, in it we make also rendering for customers. 

All our structures are accompanied by calculation reports, prepared by our engineer regularly enrolled in and eventually documents to be filed to the relevant departments. We have a team able to produce in the workshop and a team of skilled workers in the installation of our products. 

We use the help of carpenters, glaziers, masons, floor layer, painters, galvanizers and builders that under our supervision and following our project make sure you always get a finished product of the highest quality, giving the customer the ability to interface with a single reference. We make also the assembling of plants for third parties, providing the work of our skilled workers and our equipment.

As a further guarantee for our customers, we are certified ISO 9001 for quality, EN 1090  CE marking for steel and aluminium structures and ISO 3834 for the welds as a processing centre, we are also in the process of being to the safety certified OHSAS 18001.

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